Our polypropylene pool is custom built and measures 3.8m x 2.4m and is 1.2m in depth. There is a built in internal ramp which is also used to rest the dogs during their swim. Access up to the pool edge is via a sturdy, gently sloping external ramp. Extra staff will be used to safely assist severely disabled dogs into the pool.

Swim jets are used to create a variable water flow. These can be adjusted for position and strength depending on size, condition and fitness of your dog. Jets help encourage movement in the water particularly useful for neurological damage, limb paralysis or fitness work.

The pool water is kept at a constant 28-29c. Warm water is proven to promote blood circulation which helps relax muscles, easing pain in joints, tendons, helps reduce swelling and aids overall healing.

Our pool is sanitised to the highest standard and the water is tested 2 times a day in line with CHA regulations and adjusted accordingly. These measures ensure a totally safe swim for each and every dog.

There is a fully tiled shower area next to the pool so that your dog can be washed before and after their swim. Towels and a dryer are provided so that we can ensure your dog leaves our centre as warm and dry as possible.

There is ample off road parking on site and a grassed area. It is imperative your dog relieves itself before swimming. (This hopefully avoids any "accidents" in the pool!).

Hamilton's Canine Hydrotherapy
Tel No: 01296 733827