Hydrotherapy basically means healing with water. There is a huge range of conditions that benefit from hydrotherapy and many insurance companies will cover treatment. Conditions include:-

Pre and Post operative conditions.

Pain, swelling and stiffness (arthritis, veteran dogs).

Hip and elbow dysplasia, OCD, cruciate ligament injuries.

Spinal injuries, paralysis, amputation (strengthens muscles, increases range of movement, promotes overall blood circulation).

Cardiovascular fitness (improves heart and lung function). Excellent for working, agility, racing and show dogs. A five minute swim is roughly equivalent to a five mile run!

Obesity (weight loss in conjunction with diet) and weight management.

Behavioural problems. Swimming allows your dog to release his energy in a safe and healthy manner. This in turn helps to rebalance his mental well being and may help reduce unwanted behaviour.

Because swimming is totally non weight bearing it is extremely useful with young large breed dogs where exercise may be restricted due to possible joint damage.

Puppy swims - these are designed for puppies over the age of 12 weeks. It is a great way to introduce your puppy to water and reassures you that should your puppy fall into water or perhaps require hydrotherapy in the future, they will have the confidence to swim. It also helps to build their confidence in new surroundings and with new noises (e.g. the hairdryer!). The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment not the length of swims.

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