In anticipation of the jungle drums beating with incorrect information, I would like to inform everyone of the exciting future here at HCH.

Due to family commitments with my elderly parents it is with some sadness that myself and Amy will be moving to Kent and therefore leaving the hydrotherapy. I am however extremely pleased to announce that Katherine Hill, who has worked in the hydro for the past 8 months on Saturdays, is buying the business and we are very excited for her future. I am also very happy to confirm that Tracey and Ellie will also continue to work in their individual roles. Ultimately Katherine aims to train as a Vet but has decided to spend the next few years gaining valuable experience in the the animal industry.

Katherine will be shadowing me closely both in the pool and office over the summer months, before completing her final hydrotherapy qualifications at Greyfriars in early September. Please rest assured that by the time i relinquish control in October there will be complete continuity of methods and treatments of all dogs and their owners and with this in mind I feel very confident that our wonderful referring Vets and lovely clients with continue to support Katherine and Hamilton's Canine Hydrotherapy. We will also remain a full member of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association.

I have been extremely privileged to have met so many wonderful people, made lifelong friends & helped so many fantastic dogs over the the past 9 years and to this end (can't live without it!) I plan to open a new hydrotherapy in Kent! So if you are ever passing that way in the future pop in for a coffee or a swim! I will also still be available for home dog boarding - with beach walks included!

If you have any questions or worries please do not hesitate to chat to me but remember and be reassured it is very much BUSINESS AS USUAL!

With love and best wishes
Lynne Hamilton