Some dogs enjoying their hydrotherapy!
Daisy 12yrs.

Shadow is a 10 yr old Great Dane with Wobblers Syndrome. He enjoys his swimming and has greatly improved the stability and strength of his hind legs. Shadow's friend Gavin is helping out with the swim!

Rhodesian Ridgeback Lex is not sure about his first swim!

Look Dad! I think i've got the hang of it!

Photos of Shadow & Lexi kindly taken by Leafturner Photography (

Border Collie Cian's first swim. Not all dogs take to the water or know how to swim!!

But with patience, cuddles and several swims later Cian has now mastered it!

6 yr old Collie X Lexi took to swimming very quickly once we introduced toys and now it definately is her favourite pastime!

German Shepherd Zak enjoying his swim